Every Internet Browser a Public Health Triage Device. Every Smartphone a Medical Imaging Device. Every X-ray Image a Soft Tissue Image. All Made Possible by Miznée’s Digital Health Technologies.

Miznée (also known as Miznee Ltd.) is a pioneer in non-invasive, safe and easy-to-use imaging technology for medical diagnostics. It is accessed by a smartphone so anyone can use it to benefit.

The company is registered in England & Wales and was founded in early 2018 by ex-Siemens director, Tayo Akiwumi. Its technology was first developed in 2007.

The company provides highly innovative diagnostic imaging solutions focussed on two key areas of healthcare namely dermatology and  radiology.  The technology is proprietary and opens globally broad new possibilities in potentially driving improved diagnostics in the treatment of patients.

Our technology is derived from our Space exploration imaging technology which enables remote imaging of distant comic target surface on planets, moons, asteroids and more.

We ensure our solutions maximise the use of readily available resources such as ambient light and personal devices such as mobile phones and tablets. This leads to greatly reduced costs, vastly increased ease of use and rapid global deployment. Environmentally, our negative imapct footprint is zero as our technology does not generate any radiation, not even visible light. This is unlike x-ray, MRI, ultrasound, infrared, ultraviolet and other irradiating technolohies and devices used in healhcare diagnostics imaging.

Past and current X-ray radiography can now deliver soft tissue imaging

Clinicians can now recover soft tissue imaging from older and newly taken X-ray imagery using our innovation. This is potentially a key benefit in bone density measurement and can reduce the need for additional investigative imaging thereby reducing costs and increasing the possibility of  positive patient outcome.

By smartphone, tablet or laptop remotely examine below the skin of a patient

We support medical diagnostics in telemedicine and dermatology with our advanced imaging technology.Miznée has developed the world’s first and only internal tele-imaging modality, enabling viewing of below the skin remotely over the Internet.AMI shows the real colours of features within and just below the skin layer. This helps clinicians by improving diagnostic efficiency by providing greater visual detail with which to compare various skin symptoms.

Miznée’s AMI (Absorbed Multispectral Imaging) is the world’s first internal tele-imaging modality. It enables visibility of the actual colours under the skin using only smartphones, tablets and laptops. This means sub-skin features can be accessed to improve medical diagnosis. AMI is the first and only technology that empowers the billions of mobile users across the world to produce sub-skin imagery via telemedicine services.

Existing medical diagnostics imaging modalities require the patient and the imaging equipment to be in close proximity. This typically means within centimetres of each other. Additionally, the equipment must be operated by a medically qualified and experienced personnel. This equipment is in most cases very expensive to purchase, operate and maintain.
The result is severely limited access to their utility for the vast majority of the national and global population. Miznée has changed that for dermatology. Every smartphone, tablet, webcam and digital camera is now a tool to produce similar results to dermatoscopy and UV scanning. Billions of people with access to these devices  can now benefit from this capability.
Additionally photos taken decades ago can now be used to retrieve sub-skin imagery, thanks to Miznée.
– Imagine being able to compare past and present sub-skin detail for the same patient. . .only possible with Miznée –
Miznée! is 100% safe to use since you only need a photo or video taken with a smartphone, tablet, laptop or other normal camera.

Miznée’s AMI (Absorbed Multispectral Imaging) is the world’s first and only technology that empowers the billions of mobile users across the world to receive tele-imaging services.

A Miznée AMI scan delivers the possibility to see underlying skin issues before they reach the surface or return to the surface.

With our AMI, patients are not restricted to an uncomfortable, rigid position during scanning. There’s no radiation generated. No contrast dye injection. No noise or vibration. Anyone can operate the scanning device, it’s called ‘a camera’ !