Every smartphone a medical imaging device. Every smartphone a health assessment and therapy toolEvery x-ray image a soft tissue image

Miznée produces digital health tools so you can find out sooner and treat earlier. Our tools enable self health assessment at your convenience.

By smartphone, tablet or laptop remotely examine the skin subsurface of your patient

Our AMI (Absorbed Multispectral Imaging) is a new generation imaging modality that’s fully compatible with teledermatology and telemedicine

AMI shows you the true sub-skin colours. This enables you to gain visual knowledge of the features within and below the skin layer. The result is better medical diagnostics of skin related issues.

Your patients are not restricted to an uncomfortable, rigid position during scanning. There’s no radiation generated. No contrast dye injection. No noise or vibration. They don’t need to buy an extra device or equipment. Anyone can operate the scanning device, it’s called ‘a camera’ !

Example photos and videos of real Miznée Scans

Live, online, remote Miznée scan of patient showing subskin features based on absorbed light for telemedicine networks

Here’s a transition scan showing subskin features based on reflected light

This transition scan shows subskin features based on reflected light followed by absorbed light

Another transition scan showing subskin features based on reflected light (left) and based on absorbed light (right)