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  • Premium Personalized Skin Analysis Report


    While at home, get your personalized skin analysis report. Just send your facial photo. If you prefer, you can request analysis of skin on other areas instead of your face. Your skin is unique, no other is exactly the same. Keep in mind that your skin characteristics is not fixed. It changes over time and in different external and internal conditions. So don’t accept comparisons with others’ skin aimed at the ‘average’. For treatment guidance, the report can be shared with your skincare expert such as an aesthetician, beautician, clinician, cosmetic surgeon, dermatologist and more.

    Indications included in your Premium Personalized Skin Analysis Report

    Using a photo you have just taken or a preexisting photo, a Mirror skin photoanalysis indicates very useful information such as:

    • skin microbiome presence index
    • skin melanin presence index
    • skin UVA absorption index
    • skin blue light absorption index
    • skin green light absorption index
    • skin red light absorption index
    • skin type zones index
    • skin tone variability index
    • skin texture index
    • skin redness index
    • Fitzpatrick Skin Type index
    • Comparison with your Fitzpatrick Skin Type
    • General recommendations based on your result
    • The Miznee skin health indices chart for the Fitzpatrick Skin Types 1 to 6

    Accepted photo file types are JPG, PNG. Maximum files size is 6Mb.

    For best results:

    • take photos that show the skin only or at least 80% of the photo should be of the skin – pull your hair back, out of the photo as much as you can
    • ensure the photo is not blurry
    • avoid shadows and very bright light and very low light levels
    • remove makeup and sunblock – unless you are checking even application of either one

    NOTE: This report is not a medical diagnostic or medical guidance report. It is a skin analysis indication report intended for cosmetic skincare use only. Always consult certified skin health experts for medical skin concerns or implications.

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