So much about skincare testing and treatment is too generalized to have real, fast or lasting effectiveness.

The skin is a jungle, a desert or a mountain range for the tiny microbes that live there. Like any other community, they compete for resources and shelter etc. But as they compete, some of their survival and defence actions can result in skin diseases. From your skin’s viewpoint, there are good microbes and there are not-so-good ones. Further, the character of your skin’s microbiome (microbial community) changes with your stage in life as well as with other factors.

Nurturing your microbiome to maintain the right balance of microbes will help significantly with good skin health maintenance. Keep the peace with your microbes. It’s a jungle out there!

So, why would you keep spending on products that are branded beautifully for the mass market and do not really understand your specific skin character?

We thought it’s about time such detailed and highly personalized report was made available to skincare consumers. Whether at-home, in-store or at-clinic, you can use the same product, Mirror Skin Report to get the information you need.

So here you go!

Analysis includes comparison with your standard Fitzpatrick Skin Type and your healthier skin area. We even provide useful recommendations on next steps based on your skin photoanalysis result.

Highly Personalized Skin Analysis Report

You can do that from the comfort of home! So get your personalized skin analysis today, order it yourself or through your favourite skin consultant!

How It Works

  • Snap left, front and right photos of your face - no make-up and pull your hair away from your face.
  • Visit our online store to order your skin analysis report.
  • Upload one of your photos during checkout, any is fine. We'll check the quality if okay then email you back to to get the rest of your photos.
  • We will email your skin analysis report to you within 24 hours. Often even earlier. Great! So now you can either follow the treatment recommendations specific to your skin or share the reort with your skin consultant and get their advice on treatment. Remember, Miznee skin analysis is intended for cosmetic non-medical skin issues. Always seek consultation with medical experts for medical skin treatment.