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Highly Personalized Skin Health Imaging and Analysis for All Skin Types

The skin is a jungle, a desert or a mountain range for the tiny microbes that live there!

Our core belief is that the relationship between light and our skin can tell us a great deal about our skin’s health and our body’s overall health. That is why we created Miznee Mirror. Our company is the first to provide such a technology and product for access by both, healthcare professionals and the general public. No other company or organization has made this highly valuable knowledge affordable and accessible to the consumer. Using Mirror is so easy and straightforward.

What is sunlight made up of?

It is made up of visible and non-visible rays. We measure the wavelength of these different types of light with the unit called nanometres (nm). The wavelength varies according to the type of light.

Types of Light

Ultraviolet rays (UVA, UVB and UVC) are not visible to us and make up about 6% of sunlight. Visible light (400nm to 760nm) is typically visible to humans and make up about 40% of sunlight. Infrared light (760nm to 1000nm) is not visible to us but we sense it as heat and makes up about 54% of sunlight.

Light – UV (UVA, UVB and UVC), Visible (blue, green, yellow, red etc.), Infrared and skin microbiome (bacteria, fungi, viruses and archaea) are crucial for skin health. Understanding the relationship between a person’s skin, light and the skin microbiome is very important. That relationship is unique for each person and it changes with the age of the individual.

Your Personalized Skin Report

Miznee Mirror Report provides visual and data information on what light your skin needs more or needs less of. Your skin type according to the standard Fitzpatrick Skin Type Scale is measured. In the report, it is used for skin health analysis and treatment recommendation. Your report also includes your unique Miznee Skin Indices or scores as well as remedy recommendations based on your result. You receive the report within 24-hours of your order. Soon, you will be able to directly download it after checkout at our store.

What skin information is included in the report?

These are some of the imaging and indications shown in the report:

  1. skin microbiome presence index
  2. skin melanin presence index
  3. skin UVA absorption index
  4. skin blue light absorption index
  5. skin green light absorption index
  6. skin red light absorption index
  7. skin type zones index
  8. skin tone variability index
  9. skin texture index
  10. skin redness index
  11. Fitzpatrick Skin Type index

Privacy and Confidentiality

Photos uploaded: We do not keep uploaded photos. Once you sign out and your report has been delivered to you by email, uploaded photos are removed from our server right away.

Personal data: We only use your personal contact information for contacting you about your order or enquiry. We do not share or sell your contact information.

Skin Care Consumer

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