Direct online health imaging, analysis, assessment and reporting platform

For use by practitioners in cosmetic skin healthcare, dermatology, gastroenterology, oncology, pathology and radiology for health parameter imaging and measurements directly online. Miznee’s platform also includes a built-in, online spectrometer for fast analysis and measurement of health parameters.

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Imaged and Measured Parameters

The way our body uses light has been proven to be a wonderful window into our health, internally and externally. Being able to image and measure health parameters is crucial. Miznee Mirror’s online health platform is proving to be a leader in this new approach to healthcare. These include: skin health indications such as related to microbiome, melanin, red, green, blue and UVB, gut health indicators as well as sample tissue spectra, All conducted online in a minute, using only photos. All you need is a subscription.

Although our gut may not normally be exposed to light, yet, its microorganism population (microbiome) share some similar community members as the skin. These are exposed to light. Comparing samples of the microbiome of the gut and the skin using spectroscopy has been shown to yield impactful insight into treating gut and skin related health conditions.

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