Personalized skin-deep analysis for all skin tones and all genders

Wrinkles, photo-ageing skin, acne, spots, dry skin, uneven skin tones, UV radiation, blue and red light radiation, skin microbiome, melanin distribution and more, are all related. Know your skin deeply to get better and lasting results. Analysed by real humans!

Find out sooner how well your skincare products and regime are working

We all know it can take some time to achieve visible results from skincare products and regime. Miznee Mirror enables much more sensitive analysis of the skin from the surface as well as below. This provides a very sensitive way to get much earlier information about skincare progress (or lack of).

Know your skin better on the surface and subskin to get better, lasting results from your skincare products and services – Our remote online skin analysis report service and platform, Mirror, delivers highly personalized skin analysis and imaging while you’re at the store, clinic or home.

What is analyzed and reported in the Full Report?

Our skin analysis provides your skin’s Miznee Index values which is also compared with the Miznee Index values for your skin’s Fitzpatrick Skin Type. Your Miznee Index values help answer these questions specifically for you:

1. What is my skin redness like and how does it look?
2. What does my melanin distribution look like?
3. How is my skin’s interaction with UV light?
4. How is my skin’s interaction with blue light?
5. How is my skin’s interaction with green light?
6. How is my skin’s interaction with red light?
7. What is my skin bacteria concentration and how does it look?
8. What is my skin tone evenness like and how does it look?
9. What is my skin type zones like and how does it look?
10. What my skin patches like and where are they?
11. What is my skin texture like and how does it look – structures like spots, pores, wrinkles, acne, lesions etc.?

Mirror is based on our proprietary Space exploration technology. Mirror makes it possible to use normal photos to see beneath the immediate skin surface. This is made possible by Mirror with just a photo taken in real time or taken years ago. Just use the camera on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

We believe personalised skin analysis should be readily available for all skin tones and all genders. Our strategy is to ensure our solutions maximise the use of readily available resources such as ambient light and personal devices like mobile phones and tablets. This means more people can get access easily and conveniently. Environmentally, our impact footprint is zero as our technology does not generate any harmful radiation.