Every smartphone a subskin imaging device

more people can have access to diagnostic imaging at lower cost

Clinicians highly recommend that skin over the whole body should be regularly monitored either at home or at a medical facility. Subskin imaging will help to catch early signs of skin issues potentially improving treatment success. Optical Biopsy, Dermatology and Skincare are some of the applications. Use a smartphone, tablet, laptop or Smart TV to access Mirror for non-invasive skin health testing and assessment. Any part of body skin and all skin types and tones can be tested and assessed. This includes skin diseases such as vitiligo where Mirror’s built-in skin spectrograph reveals distribution of melanin and haemoglobin.

Mirror is based on science established centuries ago as well as more recent studies such as published in Nature regarding identification of various bacterial infections of the skin.

Telemedicine and telehealth platform operators, dermatologists, oncologists, opticians, podiatrists, skincare beauty consultants and skin laser clinicians can all benefit from adding Mirror to their service portfolio.

Easily and quickly embed this capability on your healthcare service website. Contact us to know how.

People are familiar with UV facial scanning services offered at some clinics. That involves making appointments, physically attending the appointments, the costs of the scan, the inconvenience of attending the appointments etc. What if skincare consumers can simply use their smartphone to scan below their skin for damages themselves. As often as they want, in the privacy of their home or anywhere else? They can send the images and analytics to their beautician or dermatologist if further assessment or guidance is required.

They can use past facial photos of themselves or compare with other’s facial photos. Further still, they can scan any part of their body skin, not just the face. None of these features are possible or available with UV facial scanners including the popular Visia UV facial scanner equipment.

Miznée Mirror is a great way for skincare consumers to regularly and conveniently monitor their skin’s health from beneath and to keep an eye on the efficacy of their skincare regime.

Miznée Mirror subskin digital test examples

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