Photoanalysis before and after skin treatment makes sense. It accurately measures and shows how different areas of the skin is reacting to light in real-time. It can be used to capture a visual map of your skin and its reaction to light before and after treatment. Without understanding your skin and its interaction with light, skin care becomes a guessing game.

Miznee is the leading photoanalysis provider for at-home. in-store and at-clinic users. For better skin health, manage your skin and your skin microbiome (microorganisms community) with Miznee.

Miznee Mirror photoanalysis characterizes, measures and provides photos of your skin’s relationship with light on and beneath your skin surface.

Any skin area of your body can be analyzed, not just your facial skin.

Light has been proven to effectively treat a wide range of skin conditions including acne, age spot, vitiligo, neonatal jaundice, wrinkles and psoriasis. So understanding your skin’s interaction with light is clearly crucial.

Miznee Mirror Platform provides direct access to statistical and visual information on what light your skin needs more or needs less. You can then select the right skincare regime, phototherapy device, probiotic or prebiotic treatment that suit your particular current skin condition. The platform service is intended for skincare experts to use with their at-home or on-premise clients.

With Miznee, more effective treatments can be recommended, applied and monitored. We add analytics so the skin condition and treatment can be better managed. You only need normal clear photos of your skin!

So much about skincare testing and treatment is too generalized to have real and fast effectiveness. We thought It’s about time such detailed and highly personalized skin analysis was made available to skincare providers and consumers. So here you go!

Order and access with a phone, tablet or laptop from anywhere at any time.