Deep scan with just your smartphone on any skin area. Watch improvements that start from below your skin. See skin care effects much earlier and decide earlier to continue, change or ditch your skincare product.

Getting results from skincare products and treatment can take what seems like forever! It can take weeks or several months before improvement is visible. That means lots of money being spent. Worse is the frustration before that. Not knowing whether any improvement will occur. Your dermatologists, beautician or product manufacturer tells you to be patient, ‘these things take time’. So, you listen, you try to control your frustration and meanwhile, you’re spending more and more on the products, the treatments, the visits…

What if you have a magic mirror that let’s you actually see your real skin (not data comparing you with a gazillion others – they are not you! They don’t have your specific skin, lifestyle, worries…).

Subskin visibility is a vital need. Skin specialists around the world agree that many skin issues can start or lay in wait, under the skin surface. Invisible to the eye. The human skin typically refreshes every 28 days. Skin issues can rise to the surface for all to see. Seeing beneath the skin makes early and more complete treatment easier to achieve.

Miznée Mirror is that magic mirror. Totally personalised to you, private and convenient to use any time, anywhere.

In nature, the way leaves use light energy is a clear window into the healthiness of the plant. Which light energy it absorbs, rejects and ejects tells us how well the plat is functioning. The same is true of our skin. How our skin interacts with light energy is a natural way to effectively monitor our skin’s health. The health of our skin, being the largest human organ that wraps around our body can also provide indication of our general healy and well-being.

Use Miznée Mirror at any time to see:

  • your skin clearly and deeply
    • see wrinkles, blocked pores, damaged skin regions and effects of your skin’s microbiome
  • your skin’s spectra, smoothness and eveness

We provide skin spectra (reflection and absorption of light energies) and uniformity analysis unique to your skin beneath and on the surface. With this information, you or your skin specialist can better select suitable products for improving and maintaining your skin’s health.

Miznée Mirror deep skin view and visual analysis
Use it just as a magic mirror or check status of your personal skin texture and blemishes graph whenerver you want, from anywhere.

Want to compare your skin with a celebrity, friend or family member? Easy, just upload their photo and see for yourself! First, make sure you have permission to use the photo of course.

Article by Fashionista –How to know if my skin care products are working

All body view: not just for a pretty face! With our new and exciting product, you can monitor your skin anywhere on your body, in private, anywhere, any time and as often as you wish.

UV facial scan appointments inconvenient or expensive? Mobile apps locking you to one product brand or are too gimmicky or techy? Apps only telling you what you can already see on your skin? Then think Miznée.

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Based on our Space exploration tech for remotely seeing below surfaces in Outer Space, AMI (Absorbed Multispectral Imaging) is our proprietary imaging technology. We created it to give you more confidence in deciding which skincare products and  treatment are working best for your particular skin, not someone else’s.

No attachments, no special lighting, no complicated instructions, no multiple steps, no jargon . . . it’s just like having a mirror that shows you more before it shows on the surface!

Salons, Clinics and Spas can offer our service to clients. Become a partner

Our amazing app will also be launched later this year…

The science behind Miznée‘s innovation that benefits skincare consumers.

These are some examples:

The newest technology in facials is a camera that sees below the surface. It tells you what’s going to show up on your face’before it appears’

The following sample research reports highlight the fact that subskin disease are very real, prevalent and often are represented ultimately by presentation on the surface of the skin:

The National Institute of Health (USA)

Duke University (USA)

Hokkaido University (Department of Dermatology) – Japan

DermNet – New Zealand

Semantics Scholar – Research paper –

Science Direct – Scientific publication –

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