Three generation skin imaging

Every Internet Browser a Public Health Triage Device. Every Smartphone a Medical Imaging Device. Every X-ray Image a Soft Tissue Image. All Made Possible by Miznée’s Digital Health Technologies.

Osteomyelitis chronic-Left Original X-ray scan - Right Miznee scan
Osteomyelitis chronic-Left Original X-ray scan – Right Miznée scan

Our X-ray Sense technology produces enhanced X-ray images to reveal detail of bone material and others using existing digital (DR) and analog (AR) radiographs.

Patients can also benefit from earlier awareness of foot infection when their doctor uses X-ray Sense as part of the globally recommended feet monitoring regime for those affected by diabetes.

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Female Foot Miznee Hot-Zone Scan Comparison
Female Foot Miznée Hot-Zone Scan Comparison

Our AMI (Advanced Multispectral Imaging) technology enables sub-skin visibility to help dermatologists and podiatrists gain advance warning of skin problems as well as post-treatment monitoring.

Diabetic feet monitoring is cost-effectively and simply enhanced by AMI. It also helps better distinguish between visually similar skin disorder presentation. These capabilities only require a smartphone, a tablet or laptop camera.

Dermascope and endoscopy images can also be used to gain deeper and more informative view.

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