There’s no one-size-fits-all skin care regime or product. Your skin is unique. It’s the window to your health in general. Skin analysis is important. You can now easily analyse your skin at home yourself. It’s simple to compare before and after analysis for your skin at home. So, know your skin to find out sooner to treat better, earlier. See example analysis images below.

Why is skin analysis important?

Your skin, melanin, haemoglobin and the effects of light can be imaged, measured and monitored with Mirror (Image source)

Light from the sun and artificial sources affect how your skin looks, how your skin feels, how your skin performs and the general health of your skin. Understanding how your skin interacts with light helps you understand how your skin looks, feels, performs and its health in general. Once you know this, you know how to keep your skin at the best that it can be. Skin is personal, not ‘general’ or ‘average’. Treating your skin according to the ‘average’ or ‘general’ skin ‘for your age group’ will never give you the best results specifically for you. Doing so may even cause more damage and may continue to do so as long as you continue using the same products for the ‘average’ or ‘general’ skin.

Healthy skin produces melanin quickly and in sufficient amount to protect our body from UV radiation damage to DNA, cancer risks and more. Science has proven the relationship between melanin and skin cancers such as melanoma, collagen’s relationship with wrinkles and skin ageing as well as haemoglobin’s efficiency with blood related illnesses.

Miznee Mirror lets you monitor your skin’s health while at home using a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Using Mirror regularly helps you know more about your skin and from the view of components like melanin, collagen and heamoglobin.

These skin components are directly affected by ambient visible light and they control how light affects the body. Being able to understand how skin components like melanin, collagen and haemoglobin interact with ambient light has never been more crucial for people. It is our window into the health of our skin so we can monitor and maintain good skin health.

Our online subskin imaging and analysis tool, Mirror, is the only tool available to you, your beautician and dermatologist that clearly and fully shows the relationship between your skin and light.

Take a look at the following example Mirror skin analysis of different skin types and tones. The analysis shows a range of skin health detail such as level of skin redness, how much redness, how shiny, patches, extent of blemishes, enhanced wrinkles visibility, melanin variability and effectiveness, bacterial colony presence and skin-type zones. The graphs (+/- 7% accuracy) below show Ultraviolet (UVA, UVB, UVC) rays increase in energy to the left and infrared radiation to the extreme right.

So How Can We Help?

Mirror can image, analyse and indicate our skin’s interaction with ambient visible light in a way not previously possible. UV to Infrared effects on the skin can be seen and and measured above and beneath the immediate skin surface using only selfie photos and previously existing photos of any part of the body.

Light penetrates the skin to varying depths with Infrared light penetrating deeper than UV light. However, with UV light’s higher level of energy it can cause damage in the epidermis skin layer. If sufficient and appropriate type of melanin is produced in this layer it can counteract this damaging effect. If not, melanoma, vitiligo and other skin problems may be triggered. Ambient visible light penetrates as far as 5 nm into the skin reaching the very bottom layer. Some of this light is returned through the top layer of the skin giving us valuable information about the condition of various materials in the skin and the overall health of the skin.

By using Mirror regularly it is possible to get advance awareness and potentially successfully treat or manage skin health concerns. This includes, spots, acne, wrinkles, sun damage, psoriasis, melanoma and other lesions. As light also affect the eyes and hair, by extension, Mirror scanning may also help improve awareness in those areas.

Mirror enables a person to see and do much more with their skin than they can with their regular physical mirror or mirror app.

Smartphone skin imaging
Smartphone skin imaging

How Do I Use Mirror?

Just take a selfie or upload a skin photo and see different details about your skin. Yes, that simple. No need to download an app or buy any other device. Simply use your smartphone, tablet, laptop or even your Smart TV!

Mirror empowers consumers and skincare experts to check the effectiveness of skincare treatments. Using new photo snapshots, selfies or preexisting photos, subskin condition of pores, wrinkles, texture, blemishes, melanin and bacterial effects can be visualized.

Watch how simple it is to use MIrror
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How light you are exposed to daily affects your skin is vital to understanding how to check, monitor and treat your skin for great skin health. The science behind Mirror has been known for centuries and is undisputed. Our ground-breaking product, Mirror is based on this solid science. It shows you what your regular mirror cannot. With Mirror you can see, analyse and quantify how and how much your skin reflects and absorbs light in the visible spectrum which we are all exposed to daily. This information can also be used to better decide how to treat your skin condition for better health.

Skincare consumers can easily and conveniently check if and where their skincare products and treatments are working. All at the convenience of being home, with a quick selfie or snapshot of any part of the body, not just the face.

Are the skin concerns you are treating such as blemishes, damaged pores, acne, pimples, UV damage, wrinkles and others, really gone? in which areas? Are they lying dormant just beneath the surface only to reemerge? Leaving you to have to go through the whole treatment process, cost and inconvenience and all, again. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to easily and conveniently check? As often as you like, without fear of extra major expense.

Acne before and stages of Mirror scans showing acne and other skin bacteria effect plus melanin distribution

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Until now, your main options were to regularly make appointments, visit the clinic for a few minutes check and pay the due fees. Inconvenient, costly, no privacy, face-only UV scan, nerve-racking What if you can monitor more gradually, at home with a smartphone, tablet or laptop? You can even share the photos and analysis with your clinician or beautician.

That is what we developed Mirror for. To empower you during your skincare journey in life.

Telehealth platform operators, Clinics and Spas

Telehealth platform operators can easily and quickly add Mirror as a tool. Clinic and spa owners can reduce the need for clients to visit their premises if not convenient. They can scan clients’ subskin while they are at home. Just screenshot or upload a skin area photo and in less than a minute, see subskin and enhanced skin features and analysis. Contact us to learn how or click here to purchase your preferred subscription package.

Why scan the subskin? Get ahead of the skin blemish presentation on the surface and monitor the healing process even below the surface to be sure it will not re-emerge. Read more.

Why should I get a skin analysis?

Clinicians highly recommend that skin over the whole body should be regularly monitored either at home or at a medical facility.

Remote subskin scanning with Mirror can help to catch early signs of skin issues potentially improving treatment success. Optical (Photo) Biopsy, Dermatology and Skincare are some of the applications. Use a smartphone, tablet, laptop or Smart TV to access Mirror for non-invasive skin health testing and assessment. Any part of body skin and all skin types and tones can be tested and assessed. This includes skin diseases such as vitiligo where Mirror’s built-in skin spectrograph indicates distribution of melanin and haemoglobin.

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