As a certified healthcare expert, you can offer your knowledge to non-emergency patients online. First you register and reserve a virtual clinic. Then once approved, you start adding your digital healthcare products. A example of a digital; healthcare product you can add is an interactive triage on COVID-19 risk assessment to help a patient conduct a quick self-assessment based on their symptoms.

You would use our Perdeca tool to create that session and save it as a small file that can be uploaded at your clinic for online access by patients. It takes a few minutes only. Another example is a series of psychotherapy interactive sessions such as for anxiety or depression assessment or therapy. If you are a dermatologist, you could create a library of triage sessions for different skin conditions that the patient could interact with from the comfort of their home. They can send your the result and analysis when complied. You can follow-up with another suggested digital session or provide an appointment for a face-to-face follow-up session.

As a dermatologist or GP, you can also offer subskin imaging using or advanced skin imaging tool, Mirror. Ideal for medical dermatology patients as well as for skin care customers.

You would earn up to 85% of each sale made via your clinic. You would simply add your expertise in interpreting the new images along with consultation as required.

If you wish, you can embed your clinic at you own website or just provide the link (URL) of your clinic to your patients or promote it on your social media accounts.

The following videos are helpful to better understand how to use Miznee Clinic.


Registering A Virtual Clinic
Miznee Clinic Dashboard Guide
Miznee Clinic – Creating Sessions
Adding Or Editing A Product
How Your Miznee Virtual Clinic Might Look