X-ray imaging has been the mainstay of medical diagnostic imaging pretty much since its inception well over a hundred years ago. Its use has been and continues to be invaluable. There has been growing concerns regarding x-ray’s damaging effect on tissue. As a result ways to drastically reduce the required radiation dosage used on patients. This is particular the case when CT imaging is required as it utilises multiples irradiation of the patient.

Additionally, it is thought it would be useful and cost-effective if x-ray imaging can be used to show more soft tissue around bones. Other methods used for soft tissues imaging such as MRI and Ultrasound can be more expensive. In some medical facilities, x-ray imaging is available whereas the other standard medical imaging equipment may not be.

Through our proprietary imaging processing algorithm, X-Sense significantly improves the contract in radiology images. It is tuned to extract soft tissue details from standard x-ray images. It also means lower dosages can be used for x-ray imaging since X-Sense can extra useful diagnostic image detail from lower quality x-ray images.