Every smartphone a medical imaging device. Every smartphone a health triage and therapy tool. Every x-ray image a soft tissue image

Healthcare services around the world continues to be under growing pressure due to shortage of personnel and funding. The cost of healthcare is way too high for most and rising fast. Access and quality is also still heavily dependent on socioeconomic and geographic communities. For skincare products and service consumers, how can you regularly monitor the efficacy of your regime, directly at home for example. No need for clinic visits. No need for UV facial scans. Also, scan any part of your skin not just the face, all privately and conveniently.

Miznée produces digital health tools so you can find out sooner and treat earlier.

Digital healthcare buyers get fast, cost-effective, private, convenient health care. Shop now. Need a digital self-assessment for a physical health concern or digital therapy for mental illness? Browse here. If you don’t find what you need, send a short message to us.

Health care providers digitize their expertise and deliver digital healthcare as a new service, fast, cost-effectively, effortlessly and profitably. Sell your expertise as short digital assessment, triage, therapy or educational sessions which customers can interact with to help them with health concerns. Very easily, create in any language, add photos, sound as well as text. AI is included and patients can share their session results by email, social media etc. All with Miznée developed technologies. You can easily add subskin imaging or x-ray enhancement imaging to your digital healthcare service store also. We’ll guide you if you need assistance.

Register to start. Why wait? Are you a certified doctor, nurse, skin health professional with or without your own practice? Go digital with Miznée from today!

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