The Future of Skin Care – Highly Personalized Skin Imaging and Analysis Report!

So much about skincare testing and treatment is too generalized to have real and fast effectiveness. We thought It’s about time such detailed and highly personalized report was made available to skincare consumers. So here you are!

What is analyzed and reported in the Full Report?

1. What is my skin redness like and how does it look?
2. What does my melanin distribution look like?
3. How is my skin’s interaction with UV light?
4. How is my skin’s interaction with blue light?
5. How is my skin’s interaction with green light?
6. How is my skin’s interaction with red light?
7. What is my skin bacteria concentration like and how does it look?
8. What is my skin tone evenness like and how does it look?
9. What is my skin type zones like and how does it look?
10. What my skin patches like and where are they?
11. What is my skin texture like and how does it look – structures like spots, pores, wrinkles, acne, lesions etc.?

We also provide comparison with the standard Fitzpatrick Skin Type for your skin. Plus, we provide recommendations for treatment based on the results of your skin analysis.

Skin analysis is important. Order Personalized Skin Analysis Reports for clients or easily integrate online skin analysis on your website or your social media page.

Skincare Product Brands– Provide even better services to build stronger brand loyalty for your products.

Skincare Product Vendors– From home, easily and quickly start providing skin analysis services to your existing customers, social media contacts, friends and family.

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Acne before and stages of Mirror scans showing acne and other skin bacteria effect plus melanin distribution

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We believe a skincare customer’s skin concern should be compared only with that customer’s better skin area and their specific skin type, not just with a database of other people’s skin-age, ethnic background etc. This approach is practical, believable and will yield true personalized skin care results for each individual.

Mirror can image, analyze, quantify and indicate our skin’s interaction with ambient visible light in a way not previously possible. The UV to Infrared effects on the skin can be seen and and measured above and beneath the immediate skin surface using only selfie photos and previously existing photos of any part of the body. Dermatologists can then more accurately recommend suitable treatment that is objective not subjective.

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