Analyze the skin online before applying phototherapy

Everyone’s skin is different, don’t guess or rely solely on ‘standard’ or generic phototherapy guidelines. That was the case before Miznee, but now Miznee enables precision phototherapy when you use Mirror to first analyze the skin.

Our Spectrograph tested with lasers for accuracy (slide left or right to view)

Phototherapy to treat skin diseases and other skin concerns has been practised for a long time. It is based on the science of light and optical radiation effects on the skin in general. However, its popularity is rapidly increasing and broadly practiced globally driven by much better and lower cost tools, consumer awareness and official certifications.

Dermatologists, skincare practitioners and product manufacturers as well as consumers need to know precisely what light energy (wavelenths or frequencies) is needed by the area of the skin being treated. If not known and the wrong radiation is applied, damage, possibly cancerous, could result to the skin and health in general.

Our subskin imaging and analysis tool, Mirror is the only online product able to provide this detail in a complete, simple, easy to understand and accessible way. It is available to dermatologists, clinicians, hospitals, beauticians, skincare practitioners and consumers online. A smartphone, tablet or laptop can be used. Even older skin photos can be used for the analysis.