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As a patient/buyer of digital healthcare services, you can now purchase specific healthcare you need fast and cost-effectively, online. Some healthcare products are also free. Healthcare service providers on Miznee’s digital healthcare clinics are qualified healthcare providers. Register for free to start taking more control of your health, cost-effectively, fast, specifically, conveniently and fast. Your family members benefit too.

Our digital healthcare services providers are certified healthcare practitioners who are required to prove or produce verifiable healthcare certification.

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As a health care provider/practitioner, you can now digitize your healthcare expertise. It’s a little like offering tiny digital clones of aspects of your expertise. You can create these in any language. You can also add unique subskin imaging for skin health monitoring. All directly online. Offer them for purchase online at our digital healthcare marketplace.

You can give the URL of your virtual clinic to existing patients as well as promote the URL of your clinic on your social media accounts.

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