Healthcare Practitioner: Via your virtual clinic, you offer digital healthcare services that combine your healthcare expertise with our digital healthcare tools, Perdeca and Mirror.

Open a virtual clinic, the same way you would open an online store. Sell your healthcare expertise as downloadable files, the same way you would sell an e-book you have written on an online store.

Get paid a share of the sales, the same way you would get paid by an online store.

Healthcare Service Buyer/Patient: Via virtual clinics on this platform, you can purchase trusted healthcare in digital format that are highly cost-effective, with immediate access to sessions providing you with healthcare guidance and support. The sessions and other services here are created by each qualified healthcare practitioners. So you get a personal sense of the expert and not a standard chat bot for example. The sessions are also created in spoken and written languages the practitioner is comfortable with and which you prefer. Avoid misinformation and disinformation that pervade the Internet and social media.

We have developed these advanced digital healthcare products with affordability simplicity, accuracy and convenience for healthcare customers and providers in mind.

Use these digital healthcare tools to create your digital healthcare products that enhance your existing practice. Register to easily and quickly start your virtual clinic.

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