As a skin care provider, we offer you these ways to help your clients and patients:

1. Miznee Personalized Skin Photoanalysis Reports can be ordered by your clients, patients or by you at your virtual store on Simply register a free store and earn commission.

2. Mirror Skin Photoanalysis Subscription will enable you to directly upload your client or patient’s skin photos and decide the analysis you want right there and then to share immediately with them. Visit the Miznee store to order your subscription.

3. For large hospitals and clinics, you can order your own virtual Mirror server which is accessible only by your authorized staff and departments such as dermatology, oncology, pathology or radiology. This offers additional quality services like optical biopsy (photo-biopsy) as well as image enhancement and analysis. Contact us to request more detail so we can help you with your project.

Help your clients gain more confidence in your recommendations knowing you have first analyzed their skin before recommending treatment for them. Your recommendation will then be very specific to their skin not a stereotypical skin. Even better, they can do this analysis while at home and you provide their solution based on the results!

Analysis includes comparison with the industry standard Fitzpatrick Skin Type and the client’s healthier skin area. To help, we provide general recommendations based on the results which you can build on.

Let your clients order their skin analysis from your store. We’ll do the work. You earn revenue from each purchase at your store. So register your free store today and get started right away!

How It Works

  • Register your free store account today. Only your email address is required to start the registration. We'll send you details to log in to your store where you can edit store information and prices.
  • Share your store's URL (address on Miznee) with your customers on your website, social media accounts, mailshots or when they visit your business. You can also order the analysis for your customer at your own Miznee store.
  • When you receive the analysis, you can suggest treatment based on our recommendations in the report or use the results as a basis for your own recommended treatment. Remember that all Miznee products and services are intended for non-medical or emergency use only. Expert health professionals should always be consulted for skin medical issues.